Got Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a handful of chemicals that are useful to our job as a softwasher, but their use depends on what types of cleaning we are doing, amount of buildup, and surface we are working on. Our primary chemical that we use on most jobs is Sodium Hypochlorite, an algicide commonly refered to as “Bleach”. Sodium Hypochlorite is the active ingredient in household bleach and chlorinating liquid used for pools. Another very common chemical we use is a Surfactant, which is a mix of a odor remover, degreaser, and a ph booster to aid the Sodium Hypochlorite’s cleaning capability.

Many homeowners carry a negative connotation with the word “Chemical”, but this is nothing to be concerned about. The chemicals used on the job have been used and recommended for cleaning for years now and are proven to be efficient and safe. With proper dilution, application, and knowledge on the chemicals at use, we guaruntee the safety of the surfaces we work on, the plants, and any animals that may come near where chemicals have been in contact. 

Traditional pressure washing is done by, as the name implies, “Pressure”. With our machines reaching upwards of 4,000 PSI we cannot safely use this on a handful of surfaces due to the damage it can cause. In some scenarios “Pressure Washing” can be used as a effecient and safe method of cleaning but more often than not it is a better alternative to use the help of chemicals. 

Why is this? Well besides the higher risk of damaging property and risk of injury using high pressure, our chemicals do a very good job at cleaning. Sodium Hypochlorite, our most used chemical, is very good at killing any organic matter. Meaning all the mold and algea you might see on your property, can be killed at the root and be more thoroughly cleaned. Pressure washing can get surfaces pretty clean to the naked eye but the spores of the mold can seep deep down into the surface and regrow after the job is over. Think of it as the difference between cutting off a weed and pulling out the root.

This is a very common question and rightfully so. We along which most other pressure washing businesses do use the customers water. You might see some pressure washing trailers carry tanks with them and yes some do hold water, but this is actually whats called a “buffer tank”. Higher output pressure washing machines have a higher GPM (Gallons Per Minute) rating and most residential water supplies only reach upwards of 5 GPM. Now this buffer tank is needed to fill the gap between how much water needs to be pulled through the pressure washer and how much is coming out of the customers water supply. 

Using the customers water is factored into our prices so dont worry. We use the customers water for multiple reasons. The biggest is ease of use, if we were to bring out own water we would need a tank large enough to complete the job which would require a large enough trailer, the cost of filling up using our own water, and the cost and effort of hauling the water to and from the jobsite. Doing this is much harder and would skyrocket our prices.

The biggest benefit we will start with pointing out is that your home will be more appealing. Thats right, your home is going to look better. Now other than impressing your neighbors and feeling more confident with the look of your property, it also will inherently raise your property value. With the amount that you pay for our services you will get far more worth in property value and ease of saleability. Who wants to buy a dirty house?

Just like cleaning anything else it will drastically improve the life of the surface that is cleaned. mold and algea buildup on a surface leads to it breaking down quicker and the longer you wait the faster it spreads. This buildup can seep into crack of concrete and brick and over time cause cracks and a handful of other isssues that you as a homeowner do not want.