What is Softwashing?

Soft washing is a proccess on which the surface is coated with our propietary mix of algicide and surfactant which will breakdown any mold/algea and grime from the source. The solution is left on for a period of time to fully breakdown any organics. This solution is then rinsed off with relatively low pressure to reveal the clean surface underneath.


This process completely breaks down the organic buildup and can also be accompanied with other products such as oxidation removal chemicals and degreasers all through the same system.

Softwashing vs. Pressure Washing?

Softwashing and Pressure washing do infact both use Pressure Washing Machines to complete the job. Traditional pressure washing is as it sounds, using high pressure to blast off grime. This can be useful and necessary in some scenarios and is still used by us on occasion. Softwashing on the other hand takes a different approach where a mix of algicide, soaps, thickening agents, and odor neutralizers are applied to a surface and allowed to dwell on the surface. This algicide breaks down and kills any organic matter on the surface while also ridding of any dirt or dust in the process. Once the mix has done its job, it is then rinsed off using low pressure through the washer as the mix has done the majority of the work. 

Softwashing can be a far safer and more efficient process compared to its high pressure alternative. The main drawback of high presssure is the damage it can cause to weak surfaces. Our washers can reach upwards of 4,000 PSI which when applied directly to a surface can leave anywhere from little marks to gashes in concrete.

Soft Washing Services


House Wash

Our house wash service focuses mainly on the siding of your house, Windows, Window Sills, and Foundation. With our pre treatment of algicide and our softwashing expertise we can guaruntee removal of any organic green buildup. mold, and any dust or dirt that may be stuck onto your house.


Driveway Cleaning

Our driveway cleaning service will take care of any organic buildup on your conrete or asphalt driveway. Green or Black mold can ruin the look of your driveway and make it appear much older than it truly is. With our algicide we can remove any buildup caused by organics and any black spotting mold on your driveway, giving a night and day difference.


Sidewalk Cleaning

Similar to our driveway cleaning service, our sidewalk cleaning can brighten up and reliven your concrete sidewalks bringing your dull or green sidewalk back to their orginal bright color and ridding it of any dirt or organic buildup. 


Deck Cleaning

Mold/Algea buildup or need paint stripped? both can be done using either our softwashing or pressure washing techniques and can birghten up old wood. if you notice your wood going gray it is not because of old age but instead mold.

 This mold can be stripped off and killed to show the bright wood underneath and we recommend sealing after our job is done to preserve the wood and prevent future buildup.


Trash Can Cleaning

This service can be very useful to many people and budget friendly. if your trash can has grease, mold, trash, and other substances stuck to the inside it can start to smell very bad and also look unappealing. our pressure washing services can take care of that leaving a fresh new can killing all organics to prevent buildup in the future.


Roof Cleaning

Starting by removing any large debris or moss growing on the roof we then apply our algicide to attack the growth from the source and the rinse off killing any organics and cleaning off dirt. One of the most noticable improvements youu can make to your home.